Dr. Ray’s Health & Wellness Approach to Therapy

Dr. Ray has been successfully and passionately showing people how to make deep emotional changes for over 40 years. His therapy is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing only on your personal discontents, issues or illness, his caring approach emphasizes that problems in the brain, or any disharmony in the physical, emotional, spiritual, social or environmental areas create imbalances. His goal for you is to achieve maximum long-term wellness–which means all aspects of your being are functioning peacefully and in the best possible harmony.

He will help you: deal with the root causes of your dissatisfactions or illness; increase your involvement; understand your issues and how to heal them by utilizing not one but several individualized highly effective approaches including traditional and cutting-edge alternative modalities.

He will show you how to: balance and integrate all aspects of your being; establish respectful, cooperative relationships with yourself, others and your environment; and make daily brain-healthy and wellness-oriented choices. With healing comes the ability to live a more fulfilled, passionate, happy, love filled life – wellness that does more than change – it transforms!

What Can You Expect?

You are a unique individual and deserving of special care, empathy and respect, no matter what needs bring you to our clinic. Seeking help is not a sign of failure or weakness, in fact, it's a sign of self-awareness an acknowledgment that your life isn't going the way you desire it to, and you could use some help to sort it out. Your needs will be viewed as all important and you will receive compassion, sensitivity, and, if desired, spiritual direction. You will find a safe, caring, sympathetic judgment free and confidential atmosphere to help provide open and honest unburdening and healing.

With healing comes the ability to live a more fulfilled and happy life – healing that does more than change – it literally transforms!

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