About Dr. Ray


Reaching out for help with emotional, relational and spiritual problems is not easy. It requires trust and commitment with deeply personal issues. If you are looking for a safe and very discrete place to heal, you're there. In my over forty years of practice I have helped restore the lives of thousands of people from every walk of life, dealing with almost every problem imaginable. Helping people is my passion! Learning how to do that is my lifelong pursuit! I went as far as I could in university, achieving a doctorate degree in Psychology and strongly believing in the spiritual side of healing I also received a doctorate degree in Theology. Since then I have taken extensive courses in natural health and wellness, energy medicine and energy psychology and I am constantly keeping abreast with the latest research. Over time I have come to believe in a holistic approach to health; that the physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of your being are interrelated and in fact inseparable.

I am involved in the exciting, cutting-edge science of quantum physics and how it relates to your health. I am a certified practitioner of one of the most effective systems for analyzing your health and providing effective treatment: NES Health. Do you know that emotions like fear, anger and other negative feelings can trigger more than 1400 known physical and chemical responses in your body? These can totally disrupt the natural flow of 30 different hormones that regulate your health. The chemicals generated by your thoughts have an electromagnetic charge that carries a ‘photo-copy’ of memories developed within the brain. These are known as ‘information molecules’ and they travel around your body affecting various systems. As a result our bodies hold the story of our unresolved issues and past traumas, physical and psychological.

Conventional therapy deals primarily with only one aspect of the human being; the mind….whereas my holistic counselling looks at everything about you; how your mind, body and spirit interact and affect one another. While traditional forms of therapy are mainly concerned with helping individuals cope with emotional crises and personality adjustments, my holistic therapy addresses all aspects of your being and is therefore far more effective.

I am also a certified Amen Affiliated Education Center which is a comprehensive, coordinated program that focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of my patients.  As an AAEC member, I am fully accredited and trained in the Amen Clinics methods and practices at helping patients have better brains and lead better lives.  Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics are world leaders in neuropsychiatry. 

As part of the Amen Affiliated Education Center, we are able to use the resources of Amen Clinics to educate, assess, and assist  our patients struggling with brain-based difficulties. In working together, with the Amen Clinics, we can help patients struggling with brain-based difficulties such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, learning struggles, weight issues addiction add and cravings. By partnering with the Amen Clinics we are able to provide top level care for our patients who want to enjoy optimal brain functioning.

My goal is simple. I will work with you to overcome whatever issues you face so you can become vibrantly happy. I want you to realize your full potential so you can increase your ability to function harmoniously in peace with yourself and with those around you. Our time together will improve the quality of all your relationships as you discover how you can live pro-actively, develop your potential and accomplish your heart’s desires. I will show you how to: balance and integrate all aspects of your being; establish respectful, cooperative relationships with yourself, others and your environment; and make daily brain-healthy and wellness-oriented choices. With healing comes the ability to live a more fulfilled, passionate, happy, love filled life – wellness that does more than change – it transforms!


People seek out help for many different reasons, many being more common than you might think. Here are some of the issues I’ve had success in treating.

  • Overwhelming fears: Fear affects more individuals than you could imagine. Panic attacks, phobias and anxiety disorders are very prevalent in our society, preventing people from participating fully in life. Although these conditions can be extremely debilitating, they are successfully treatable.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): This condition is characterized by intrusive thoughts that create stress and anxiety and repetitive behaviours aimed at decreasing the anxiety. Repetitive hand washing, preoccupation with sexual impulses, excessive hoarding and many nervous habits may be symptoms of this disorder.
  • Relationship Issues: Is your marriage in trouble? Or are you planning on getting married and would like to get off to a good start? Seeking out help with your most cherished relationships can be the best investment you will ever make. I have personally witnessed dramatic changes in the lives of countless couples that have been willing to seek out my help in this area.
  • Adolescent Issues: Making it successfully through the teen years has never been more difficult. Young people today have many complicated problems and concerns. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek out help in sorting through your issues. I have a passion and tons of experience in helping youth.
  • Anger Management: Anger is lethal to your health and relationships. Don’t let it destroy you or your loved ones. Highly effective programs are available through my counselling services.
  • Grief and Loss; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): These issues touch the lives of everyone at some point. The resulting pain can be crippling. There is help through the tough times!
  • Depression – Bi Polar Disorder – Personality Disorders: More and more people are being diagnosed every year with one of these disorders. People suffering from these issues often feel so overwhelmed and helpless that they can see no way out. But rest assured that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through a nurturing, holistic approach to healing I have seen many, many people find renewed hope and happiness in their lives.
  • Sexual Disorders – sexual abuse and gender issues: These issues can often cause embarrassment and shame, preventing people from seeking out help. I have extensive training and experience in these areas. There is nothing I haven’t seen. I offer a safe, discrete, totally confidential and caring approach to restoring your God given sexuality.
  • Addictions / Habits: Do you have an addiction or habit that is controlling or possibly destroying your life; alcohol, smoking, drugs, pornography, sexual addictions? Do you feel like it is impossible to change? There is help – you can change – talk to me about how!
  • Interpersonal Boundary Issues: Appropriate boundaries are critical to healthy relationships and a healthy sense of self. Learn how to become assertive and feel powerful within.
  • Life Transitions – Indecisiveness – Procrastination: Kick-start your life back into gear, ending the frustration and moving forward toward your God-given purpose.
  • Creative Blocks – Self-sabotage: Are you stuck in a rut, unable to effect the change you desire in your life? Don’t sell yourself short. There is help.
  • Physical Problems: It is difficult to enjoy life when your body is not cooperating. Emotional and nutritional issues can negatively impact your physical health. Let me help you track down the culprits and restore you to optimum health. NES Health is an awesome cutting edge tool.
  • Spiritual Issues: Your spiritual well-being is a critical aspect of your overall health. It is as important if not more important than your physical and emotional state. Discovering your true spiritual path and the peace that can bring can truly transform your life. I am deeply committed to offering you guidance in your spiritual journey.

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