What People say about their Experiences with DR. RAY

“Ray inspired and helped me to reach my true potential. He taught me that everyone has hidden or undeveloped talents and abilities, and then helped me to find mine and soar! His directive approach, CBT and nutrients worked wonders for me!”

“Dr. Ray’s not one fits all approach …for me including his meridian-based therapies are a Miracle Drug Without the DRUG! He helped my bad brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks and depression that I have had for years …nothing else worked!”

“Ray’s approach is refreshing and practical. He is so enthusiastic, passionate and positive, and yet realistic, caring and understanding. My confidence is higher, my communication is better, and I am more organized. Many people have commented on the changes they’ve seen in me!”

“My goal was to grow spiritually, be able to hear God’s voice and to settle some major spiritual questions. Dr. Ray guided me through my questions. His knowledge of scripture., his intuition and varied techniques settled my life-long struggles. I feel I am finally on my God track and at peace!” “…no one else could help me … I tried so many different doctors …everyone eventually quit on me … you stuck by me … you never gave up … it took time but the change is unbelievable … some of the techniques. or as you call them ‘modalities’ are strange … but whatever, they literally transformed my life … and your extreme generosity with time and money … your donation method and helping the poor overseas … even when I couldn’t pay, you stuck by me … Ray you are truly an example of a representative of God.”

“My wife and I were on what we both saw as hopeless conflict and total communication breakdown… our marriage was over. I agreed to one joint session with Dr. Ray and he helped me to catch a glimpse of a spark of hope. After two months of work our marriage is better than it has been in a very long time …maybe than it has ever been. We can never thank you enough.”

“He teaches by example … he is genuine, honest and caring … he’s real … he “owns” and lives what he teaches. Ray’s understanding of what it takes to break free from old patterns and addictions and move forward surpasses anything I have ever heard or learned. I can hardly believe how much I have grown and how different I feel – I have to pinch myself regularly…”

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